About Tio Surf


About Tio Surf

With years of experience in training the surfers, we strive to enhance everyone’s skills, either you have experience or not. We have highly skilled trainers who understand your problems and provides you with the best possible solutions. To enhance your knowledge, we provide personalized solutions through our Surf Lessons in Bali. With us, you will learn all the tricks and tips to enjoy safe and comfortable surfing. Our instructors have a knack for improving your knowledge about surfing.

Why Us ?

Why you should choose us?


We provide the attention you deserve and we focus on making our lessons as easier as possible.


Surf in Bali is a highly demanded sport, and that’s why we are providing the next level teaching classes to enhance your knowledge.


Our well-experienced instructors have expert knowledge about how to enhance your surf in Bali. Now, customize your less for Kuta surf with instant confirmation.

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