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Freedom in the waves, good vibes, not taking things too seriously and learning to just go with the flow

Surfing in Bali Becomes Easier

Now Surf Bali is much easier with our beginner and advance courses.

Surf Bali

About Us

Surfing in Bali alone was never easier. We are located at legian beach in front of the Mandira Hotel. This is one of the safest locations to surf in Bali, your safety is main concern and we will ensure you have a great time surfing with us!

Our lessons are available from beginner through to advanced levels to surf in bali.

For beginners we provide the option of an introductory course as well as a full course to Surfing bali

Our Surf Lesson


Our beginners lessons for Surfing in bali are designed for first time surfers and are easy and fun!

This course will provide surfers with the basic skills of surfing such as paddling, taking off, riding a wave, standing up and surf safety.

Standing up it’s guaranteed after your first lesson.

Intermediate Surfing in bali Lesson

This consists of 3 lessons. These lesson will teach board handling to Surf bali. Board Control, Understanding defferent waves and ocean conditions, Seminyak surf And surf safety. After these lesson you will able to surf waves confidently on your own.

Advanced Surfing in bali Lesson

Our advanced lessons will help fine tune any areas you wish to improve Surfing bali


Our private lessons are one on one or in small private groups and lessons vary depending on which areas of Surfing in bali you would like to improve like Kuta surf etc.

You can discuss this with your instructor and we will ensure you are riding waves to perfection in no time!

Why With Us ?

With our team of experienced instructors, and world-class equipment there is nothing to fear for Surfing in bali. As your safety is paramount to us, we have chosen TioSurf because we believe in your ability to rise up to the challenge and gain mastery over the waves. Before you know it you will be enjoying yourself and itching to go back into the water. Visit our Facebook Page for more info.

TioSurf will give you the skills you need to confidently surf many of Bali’s most popular spots!


Let The Water Adventure Begin With Best Surf Schools In Bali

Are you searching for the best surf schools in Bali? Tiosurf is the place where your search for the best tutor will be over. We are emerging as the best school for Surfing in Bali. Surfing in Bali is indeed the best activity to join for authentic travel experiences.

We provide the attention you deserve to get the best guide to surfing in Bali. We focus on making Seminyak Surf easier for those, who have never tried it before. We always consider providing the best tips in the industry to ensure that you get trained in a hassle-free manner.

Surf in Bali is the highly demanded sport and that’s why we are providing the next level teaching classes to enhance your knowledge. We are the Best Surf Camp In Bali where you will get the right directions to make your surfing experience enjoyable. Our well-experienced instructors have great knowledge about how to enhance your surf in Bali. Now, customize your less for Kuta surf at any time with instant confirmation.


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